Painting Jung

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Separation of the World Parents 
The Principal of  Opposites(panel three)

Life in the uroboros was life in the participation mystique, meaning no ego had flowered yet to differentiate the world to you or you to the world.

"It is a common belief of primitive peoples that the sky and the earth were originally joined together, the sky either lying flat on the earth or being raised so little above it that there was not room between them for people to walk upright. Where such beliefs prevail, the present elevation of the sky above the earth is often ascribed to the might of some god or hero, who gave the firmament such a shove that it shot up and remained up above ever since." (4) (4a)

The world comes into existence with the arrival of light. This act which triggers the opposition between heaven and earth is the reoccurring metaphor for all the opposites.

"The light, the light, the seeking, the searching, in chaos, in chaos." (5)

The genesis of light and sun are the causation which separate the World Parents and initiate the good and bad outcomes that come to pass for the hero who cleaves them.

As a result of the ego's (hero) conscious act of world creation and the separation of the opposites, it bids adieu to the uroboros and finds a new world of loneliness and discord. Paradise is gone. The Golden Age of Everlastingness has been replaced by a recognition of the new consequences of this act; "double, double, toil and trouble".

"This is called fate: finding oneself opposite and only that and always opposite." (6)

This emancipation from the Great Mother seems to be a negative act. An act of saying "no' to the comfort which has always been. However, to arrive at consciousness entails the ability to say to the unconscious "I am not that".

"Consciousness = deliverance: that is the watchword inscribed above all man's efforts to deliver itself from the embrace of the primordial, uroboric dragon."

The quietly, brazen achievement of consciousness is to utter the terrifying declaration that "I AM I".(7)