Painting Jung

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Uroboros (panel one) 

The unconscious is darkness. Creation comes with light but right now we are before the light. The beginning is the question of "Whence?". As in a dream, the psyche's elusiveness spins and weaves without revelation.

Hinting at an origin from this nothingness is the symbol of the circle; the sphere, the egg, the rotunda which are all possible images of preexistence. Eternal, there is no before, no after, no time, no above, no below, no space which only occurs with the accession of light.

It is perfection and represents the world at rest in the unity without opposites.

There was something formless yet complete,

That existed before heaven and earth;

Without sound, without substance

Dependent on nothing, unchanging,

All pervading, unfailing.

One may think of it as the mother of all things under heaven.(1)

It had no need of eyes, for there was nothing outside it to be seen; nor of ears, for there was nothing outside it to be heard. There was no surrounding air to be breathed, nor was it in need of any organ by which to supply itself with food or to get rid of it when digested. Nothing went out from or came into it anywhere, for there was nothing. Of design it was made thus, its own waste providing its own food, acting and being acted upon entirely within and by itself, because its designer considered that a being which was sufficient unto itself would be far more excellent than one which depended upon anything.(2)

When the nascent ego tentatively embarks from the womb of the uroboros it is born and descends into the world of the Great Mother.