Painting Jung

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The Birth of the Hero (panel four)

Up until now the governing aspect of the myth in our evolution of consciousness has been its cosmic, omnipresent nature. That all changes with the Separation of the World Parents. The cosmic symbols give way to a more humanly personalized mythical framework manifested in the form of the hero.

The hero is the archetypal antecedent of us all. The phases of the hero mythology are the elemental psychic components in the developing maturity of each of us, and society as a whole. The hero (ego) as an individual can be a man or woman.

Before we proceed further, it is important to understand Erich Neumann and Carl Jung's idea of the psyche as it pertains to men and women, in general. The male's consciousness is masculine and his unconsciousness, feminine. The female's consciousness is feminine and her unconsciousness, masculine

As soon as the uroboros has split into the World Parents (opposites) and the ego has planted itself firmly in the center, independence is realized. The ego (hero) is now up against the dragon fight, a psychological confrontation with his/her contending female and male principles.

The essence of the dragon fight (or slaying of the World Parents) lies in the vexing question of the hero's paired parenthood. Mythologically, the hero's World Parents exist as a duality of personal and transpersonal feminine and masculine attributes. Paradoxically, this means that the hero has two fathers and two mothers.

The hero's dual nature originates from his/her own experience of itself. He/she experiences this as having a mother and father who are the mortal, carnal, lower beings of everyday life. At the same time, existing alongside the personal are the transpersonal mother and father who are experienced as spiritual, godlike entities and are extraordinary and immortal.

The evolution of the ego consciousness depicts a slow and measured freeing of itself from the confines of the uroboros and the Great Mother. The mythological steps of the Separation of the World Parents and the Birth of the Hero sets in motion an increasing autonomy of the ego consciousness.

The result of this struggle will declare unmistakably whether the ego has, truly, vanquished the strangle hold of the uroboros thus allowing the ego to find the treasure of transformation; the self.