Painting Jung

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The Eight Panel Piece, 22"x28" per panel, 1989

Because Erich Neumann and “The Eight Panel Piece “ influenced all of my future work I think a quick introduction to Erich Neumann's psychological ideas is necessary. It will prepare us for a discussion of the "8 Panel Piece" which used Neumann's Mythological Stages in the Evolution of Conscious as a framework.

The structural elements of the collective unconscious are the archetypes. During the course of the development of an individual, the ego engages in a progression of archetypes which aid in the transformation of the individual. This evolution of consciousness unfolds through a sequence of eternal images which touch and renew the ego. This transformational imagery allows the ego to continually experience the archetypes in a new and more meaningful way, collectively as well as an individually.

Primal Figure, 22"x28", 1987

Early history of the collective is established by inner primordial images whose projections emerge as potent determinants such as, gods, spirits, and saviors. Similarly, this same collective symbolism can address the individual's quest in his/her own psychic development.

Like the physical organs communicating with each other to insure a healthy body, the organs of the psyche, the archetypes, interact to establish the maturity and well-being of the personality.

Anima-Animus, 22"x28",1989

In this discussion, the terms "masculine" and "feminine" are not related to biology. Rather, these terms are symbolic expressions of archetypal ideas which may predominate at certain stages of a person's psychic evolution, irregardless, of gender.

The human psyche with its diversity of expression through a vast collection of cultures, values, and behaviors, makes the task of understanding it, formidable. The Eight Panel Piece and the art on this website reflect the general ideas associated with Erich Neumann's Mythological Stages of the Evolution of Consciousness and C. G. Jung's analytical psychology.

Quarternity to Erich #1

Before the start

a Uroboros swirls.

Instinctual waves of directed motion

programmed in a timeless dance.


Not knowing why or caring.

No time, just generations of

black and white dragons chasing their tales.

What! A spark of something - unique.

red; red; red;-difference

So small a wink, then gone.

Forgotten, will it come back?

Overwhelmed in the eternity of the before of me.

Please come back,


Quarternity to Erich #2

The Swirl - The Swirl

The Swirl - The Swirl

Longtime of the same.

Each momentary ecstasy is a grab at constructing me.

Every wink tries to recall me as the sameness overwhelms.

A remembrance of red builds a piece of me.

These sparkling ecstasies bring opposites to stay.

The Swill divides and sees itself.

I'm not here yet but on my way.

Quarternity to Erich #3

Consciousness is here.

It's me!

Small and new I'm just a rebellion.

The Swill and void are shadowing me.

I must recall and nourish the spark.

Cup your hands and blow a gentle voice.

The others are listening.

Use the Swill to define your place.

The defining opposites will enlarge your being.

Remember - Remember - Remember

A Revelation!

Another me!

I weep in remembrance of her.

Quarternity to Erich #4

I cry - I cry - I cry

When did I forget this orphaned self?

This wonder she seems to be.

Spread the news so all can feel.

The Swill encloses their patterned eyes into blindness.

The red activity of the burning schedule

beguiles with necessity.

Protect her embryonic embers in your conscious hearth.

The feminine's spirit captures the fleeting moments of us.

She and we are young and new at being one.

As the opposites retreat, we become centered and remembering.

Thank you, Erich.