Painting Jung

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This website is the culmination of 28 years of creative activity. 

I was born in Detroit Michigan in 1937 and grew up in Toledo Ohio (1946-1959). I attended the University of Toledo from 1955-1959 before being conscripted into the Army where I served as a finance officer (among other things) before retiring as a LTC. in 1979. In I968 I received an MBA from Indiana University.

After retiring from the Army and kicking around trying out new careers (like managing a day care center) I settled upon studying art at Siena Heights College in Adrain, Michigan. It was a fantastic experience where I uncovered a completely different aspect of myself. The sudden exposure to a counterculture, 180 degrees different from my military life of the past 20 years, released an explosion of creative energy. Having no idea of what I was doing, it opened a universe of potential which I consumed. All possibilities were available to me because I was like a child exploring my new toys and having the freedom to play.

My first private art studios were at various locations in Adrian and Ann Arbor, Michigan. At one point I shared a studio space in downtown Adrian with a ceramic professor from the art department at Adrian College (yes, we were a two college town which is pretty remarkable when you consider the size of Adrian) where I focused almost exclusively on painting. These paintings were a series of diptychs which originated unconsciously which I didn't try to analyze but let them flow naturally. 

After leaving Siena Heights College in 1987, Sharon and I moved to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area where I continued making art at a number of locations. In the first studio I shared a two car garage with another artist. It was very cluttered with the owners “garage” junk and I had about the space of 11/2 cars to work in. At this time, after reading Erich Neumann's book "The Origins and History of Consciousness", I proceeded to create in pictorial form my interpretation of his work and called it "The Eight Panel Piece".

Around this time we found a new studio on the northern edge of Ann Arbor which was an abandoned one room school house situated in a dying cherry orchard. It was a wonderful place to work with its solitude and having nature as our neighbor. It was here that I prepared work for a show in Windsor, Canada called "Listen, The Cement is Cracking". Unfortunately, no one came to it but it was a great experience to hang and see the work in a gallery setting.

In 1988, Sharon and I headed to Wyoming with all of our belongings in a tiny red pickup truck where we settled in Story, Wyoming beneath shadow of the Big Horn Mountains. In 1994 we left briefly in search of warmer climes spending a misplaced year near the Buffalo National River in Arkansas before escaping to Lawrence Kansas where we stayed until 2000. Homesick for the mountains we returned to Story where we still reside today.